Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tutorial: Revive your skanky dead pop filter thingamajig!

I dusted ye olde mic stand and decided it was time it took a stand (har har) to be used by humans who need to record things with a microphone.

Unfortunately for me, the pop filter was in bad shape. And I mean baaaaaaaaaaad shape. 

Look at her.


First step in rehabilitating a skank: Strip the dirt off!

Find some classy tights lying around your house (I used my Burberry ones but you can totally use whatever brand you fancy).

Tie a tight knot on one end so she looks like this. Like, you know, happy. 


Then stretch the classy tights over and tie another tight knot. 
Snip ends off like so and you'll end up with a cute little pigtailed girl.


Anddd you're done!
Pop it back into your pop filter like any sane human would do.

Isn't she such a refined woman right now... 

Sing on, darling, sing on...

Btw, just kidding about the Burberry tights. I don't own anything Burberry. Everything of mine is Prada, including my toothpicks.

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