Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Internet for Adam

My mom has been teaching speech to hearing impaired children for many years, and she's always told me stories of her students. She also has tuition lessons at home and I gave them basic lessons on using computers to encourage them to have fun with computers. Despite not being able to talk, they were just regular kids, and like any other regular kids, they wanted to have fun, they wanted to tease each other, they wanted to be naughty.

I like this ad because it raises awareness. I don't know how much of it was scripted, but still it's a good message. But I wished the music was less sappy, and more happy. Right now the music sounds like it's trying to ask for pity, which is always the route taken when we talk about people with disabilities. And most of the time, these people do not want pity. They just want to be like a regular person, having fun, teasing each other, and being naughty. :-)


Nana said...

Hi, what a surprise... i found you on burda and I was looking your blog (because I'm learning to sew) and I'm deaf from Brazil! Loved this video, and that's true, we don't want pity, it's horrible.

Mariana Siqueira

chiiiiing said...

Hi Mariana! I'm so happy you left a comment, I love getting to know sewists from around the world :D and thank you for sharing your thoughts too. I am reminded of the mischievous kids from my computer class now, they always made me laugh with their practical jokes on each other!