Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear Malaysians

Let's forget about being good Malaysians for a while, and just try to focus on being good people, on trying to have a good heart, and on trying to do the right thing. 

That's how Malaysia is going to be a better country in the future.

You may be a school teacher, a stay at home mom, a student, a janitor, a politician, a rockstar-- it doesn't matter. Let's just start with this small seed in our heart. You want a better Malaysia, right? 

p/s: I'm so, so, so, SO proud of my husband because he came up with this idea and together with the awesome team of creatives (in the agency, the client, and the production side), they came up with this viral video. You will see him in the video, holding a sign about apologizing for not returning a stranger's wallet he found in a taxi-- that incident happened to him when he was 14 years old. So yes, true story! :-p

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