Sunday, July 03, 2011

Dup dup... dup dup...

After skimming through Winifred Aldrich's patternmaking book, I decided it was time I start drafting them for real. I had always wanted to make shorts, but there were barely any shorts pattern available online for download (most of them were elastic shorts anyway, which were ok, but I guess I am looking for a zippered one).

Buying a good pair of shorts has always been a problem for me because my ass doesn't seem to want to fit in nicely into any shorts without looking weird (and bordering on camel toe offense). I suppose it's because of my child-bearing hips hehe.


So I tried drafting my own shorts using the book's instruction on developing a basic trouser block. Instead of using mahjong paper, pencil, the French curve and the other long tailor ruler I have, I thought hmm why not try using a program like Illustrator instead?

Unfortunately drafting a pattern on the computer doesnt necessarily make the whole process easier like you're using a patternmaking software where you'd input the measurements and wallllllla! Basically it's just manually drafting the pattern according to instructions but doing it on the computer with some aid from computer brains.

What it does make easier (to me at least) is:
1. Able to construct lines in exact measurement required (just click to create a line, specify how many cm you want it to be, and at what angle)
2. Able to draw and adjust curves without a French curve (or a round saucer)
3. Able to make adjustments on the same pattern after muslin test, erase old lines and reprint it as a clean new pattern
4. Able to keep backups of each version of the pattern, ie I have a basic shorts block saved with different dates denoting alterations, in case I want to rollback to a previous version.

After doing 2 muslin tests (which, embarrassingly, is the first instance I'm doing a muslin test despite sewing for a long time because I've always been too lazy), I've gotten the fit I want, and am sewing the actual shorts now.

Now, fingers crossed.................

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