Sunday, May 15, 2011

Work in Progress: In the Midnight I saw Blue

Saw this vintage dress a few weeks back and couldn't resist it because I've always wanted a blue polkadots dress! It was rather long and baggy with a full circle skirt that reached to the ankles (I'm not a maxi kinda lady), so I shaved off the length of the skirt (which took me forever to hem since I've never hemmed a circle skirt before). I also adjusted the bodice slightly (didn't want to adjust it too much because I liked how the bodice was slightly baggy without any major shaping darts), added an elastic to the waist to give it a bit more shape, and also replaced the buttons with gold textured ones from my stash. The material is slightly sheer as it's probably chiffon, and I guess with chiffon you just need to cinch it at certain parts to accentuate the shape, otherwise it flows really nicely.

I was lazy to wash it before working on it so now I got to wash it hahahaha... :p

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Ayu said...

hey you! i am back at my sewing blog! hehe.