Thursday, March 17, 2011

You can be sweet, sweet, sweet

Last week my bff Jean had her pre-wedding photoshoot, and Lobak was the photographer! So excited because he's also shooting them on film... can't wait to see the photos :D I took some shots for fun on my iphone... trying to learn how to do video composition and editing. Originally I had a cute song by My Little Airport on it, but then upon consultation with Jo and Lobak separately, it turned out that song was about teenage heartbreak (Lobak said it was very badly written too hahahah), so erm, not suitable. So I ended up writing a song for the video.

Jean and Tung are like a TVB couple, and I find them cute in an unexpected way (they never show affection in public). I absolutely love them hehehehhehee :D


NohNes said...

Your song is so cute

Woman said...

why shankyou! :")