Saturday, December 04, 2010

Scamper away!

I've been whining about wanting to sew a hat with ears for a week or so now, and I finally did it, thanks to jessyratfink's awesome tutorial! Oh I so love the Interwebz!

I didn't do puffy ears like the tut, but did softy ears instead. And instead of white, it's in PINKKKKKKK! (okay I happened to HAVE this piece of pink flannel lying around you see....)

My husband looked so amused and bewildered when he saw me sewing the hat, and he kept asking who am I sewing it for, to which I said myself and he kept thinking I was joking.

Anyway, it was past midnight, and I was walking around the house wearing the hat and I think I accidentally gave someone a fright. LOL.

I love this pattern. It makes me feel like I'm some lord of the flies.


"Yes, sire!"

p/s: Why oh why can't I change the font size of me title. This is so annoying.


wern ching said...

The last picture look like Pikachu! XD

Woman said...

LOL ya man.. if only it was yellow! :P

wern ching said...

nevermind, you can be a pink one! XD