Friday, March 05, 2010

Giant scary stuff

"Can I ask you something ah."
"Mm hmm."

"Erm.. will you be more afraid of a giant cockroach or a giant rat?"
"Hmmm.. Giant cockroach."

"Ok. Giant cockroach or giant snake?"
"Giant cockroach."

"Giant cockroach or giant... dick?"
"Errr... still giant cockroach."

"Hmm... interestingggg. Oo oo!! What about this: Giant cockroach or giant asshole that's pulsating and will suck you into it??"
"Hahahhaha... Giant asshole!"

"Giant asshole or giant piranha??"
"Giant asshole!"

"Why ah? You not scared of giant piranha ah?"
"You said the giant asshole will suck me into it mah, I don't wanna get sucked in by a giant asshole!"

"I see, I see."


lobak said...

Good choice, but the Giant asshole should be very afraid if the person being asked happens to be a Giant dick.

Woman said...

or a Giant Celebrity Cock?? :-O