Sunday, February 07, 2010

Wonky Wabbit comes to town

I got really excited when Boon and Shirley had their baby girl Emily. A girl!! All my friends have been having baby boys, and I guess when Emily came along, she really felt precious. Hehehe. I didn't manage to make her anything in time to visit her at the hospital, but got to making this wabbit doll over the weekend.

Erm... reason I named him Wonky Wabbit is because.. he IS rather wonky. It was my first time sewing a doll, and I'm so horrible at symmetry!! -__-  His right arm looks like he's perpetually pointing out to something on his right HAHAHA. And erm his ears ended up pointing sideways than up ~_~"

He's made out of pastel pink cotton with pastel yellow for the insides of his floppy ears. The pastel pink cotton was very flimsy, so there's a thicker shocking pink cotton layered underneath to prevent the flimsy cotton from slipping on the sewing machine. His stuffing is from my favourite Daiso, so yes only 5 buckaroos for them and I still have plenty left :-D

His baggy bag is made out of stretchable lace cloth (I bought shitloads from Kamdar when it was on sale for like RM6 per metre or something, plan to use them as part of our curtains for our house later on), couldn't find a decent ribbon in my box (because I don't really buy ribbons in the first place), so made a ribbon out of the same pastel pink cotton. AHH YES I LIKE TELLING LONG GRANDMOTHER STORIESSSSS.



pBoon said...

Emily wuvs wonky wabbit! Thank you aunty ching. Next year i want a partner for wonky wabbit.. pwweeaas?

Woman said...

Emily!! u can taip!! orite if mama shirley and papa boon haz you a sibling then wonky wabbit will haz a partner.. hehehehhehehehehhehehehe

loveangel said...

it's too cute! (: