Saturday, August 08, 2009


The last week has been exciting but also a blur to me. Adlin, Boon and me met up on Saturday and Sunday to work on TETS (short for The Ending Theme Song, post-rationalized I believe, as the idea was to call the EP "Show me your Tets" har har har har ahr ahrahrar), and the results are insanely hilarious and silly, just the type of music we love. It's crazy and I can't wait for that to get out.

As for ATKK, we've just got 2 more pending things to get done before the CD finally comes out-- record the fun-loving Dose Two, get the tracks mastered by Master Meng (he also did a great mix on First Time), and getting the CD packaging done. Okay that's 3 things hehe. I'm thinking of changing the ATKK cover to another design. Yeah that's what prolonged timing does to you :P

SJ and I also worked on another track, which we can't talk about until next week. We had to rush everything, but I'm very happy with the results and can't wait for it to be out, woohoo!

On other news, I would really like to pick up on the crafting of BM lyrics. I've always enjoyed the language, but I guess I threw a lot of it away after secondary school. I love reading BM lyrics... some of them are so carefully crafted, they're really pretty.

I really need to catch up on sleep. Guess an hour's nap will have to do..

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