Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1Malaysia song

When SJ and I read about the Lagu 1Malaysia contest by HOTfm to write a song for Malaysia for the current young generation, we decided to just give it a shot and see what happens. So we stayed back after work and tried to come up with a decent song, and we decided to make it a happy sing-a-long song that is just about an ordinary person loving his/her country.

I know most of us are sceptical about the 1Malaysia thing. Yes I am too. Although I may not always agree with the way things are being done around here, deep down inside I do long to really really love our country.

So we tried to stay away from typical patriotic cliches and just talk about an ordinary, simple, and innocent kinda love... instead of some marching band song with lyrics about berikrar, coz well most of us don't spend time marching sambil baca ikrar right? We go on with our daily lives! Hehehe. Sometimes I feel it's not about "I love my country because of yadayadayada" but it's more like "Man, I LOVE my country!" Err yeah if you get what I mean lah...

Anyway we did a demo, and submitted it on Friday night. Turns out our song got shortlisted as a Top 10 finalist, so yay! We had 6 days and a budget to produce the song into a proper er, song for radio broadcast. Our friends sang backup vocals for us, Maya sang the lead, and Beng played the bass (and had Maya DNA on him for a couple of hours), and it was mastered by Nick Lee.

Do take a listen to the track on HOTfm's website, it's called Nyanyikan Lagu Mu by Wong Seng Jinn and Ng Ching-Ching.

By the way, I couldn't have thought of a better person to sing the song. Maya may not be a great technical diva singer like Whitney Houston, but her personality gels perfectly with the meaning of the song, and she is a role model for the young generation-- she's young, works hard, and is not afraid to speak her mind. And yes she can sing. :P

Please vote for us kay? :-)


loveangel said...

hehe. it's such a cute song. ^^

soojc said...

for some reason, i can't hear anything.. :(

and maya karin iz teh hotness..
leet speak bad i know.. :)

Woman said...

@loveangel, thanksiew! ^_^

@soojc.. hmm u gots to lets it loadz kijaps.. sometimez iz slow.. hehe

soojc said...
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soojc said...

sorry made a typo.. i don't like typos

i said
oh yeah
I left it alone long time.. :(

I think it hates me

Lounge Lizard said...

Did you win?