Thursday, May 07, 2009


Our office toilet got refurbished and the one big toilet was turned into a two-cubicle toilet (it's quite spacious). The two cubicles, however, are not individually sealed-- meaning you can hear each other, somewhat like how WK toilets were hehe, except that our toilet is unisex. Needless to say... it took a bit of getting used to.

Meng: (goes into cubicle 1)
Me: (hesitates... then goes into cubicle 2. keeps quiet for a bit.)


Me: Urm... are you taking a dump?
Meng: ......... Yes.
Me: OKAY let's not talk. (tries to pee)


Meng: Are you guys going for dinner?
Me: (kecut) ERrrr... can you not talk to me?? And, um, yes, we are.
Meng: Okay, where are you guys going?
Me: Chicken rice... um. You wanna come along?


Meng: Uh, nah, I gotta rush bac--
Me: (pees and flushes at the same time) OKAY GREAT LETS STOP TALKING, BYEEE! (runs out of the toilet)

It's really difficult peeing with an audience. I don't know how you men do it.


Adlin said...

i hate urinal chats.

Lounge Lizard said...

Wah, you guys don't do it? It's perfectly fine with me...


The Geek said...

I was just about to say adlin is super poor at this