Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flying guitar

Been making some crazyass layered necklaces for the little shop lately, and finally put them on sale over the weekend. The boyfriend was working on Saturday, so when he came over for lunch I requested (without begging of course) "Please bring me some series to watch please please pleaseeeee or else I will be bored please pleaseeeeeeeplsplpslplsplsplsplsplss".

He brought me Heroes Season 3, so while making the necklaces I was watching non-stop. On Sunday he picked me up for lunch and I said:

"I had a nightmare!"

"What? Terminator was chasing you also?"

"Nooo... SYLER!!!!"

"Har? But what powers did you have?"

"Erm..." (didn't think of THAT part)

"Hee hee... Power to make necklaces?"


"So he stole your power to make necklaces, and he made necklaces and sold them online? HEHEHEHEE"

".... -_- "


loveangel said...

love the necklace! and the other one with a few small guitars on it...but its rm35....T.T...

Woman said...

aiyakk.. dont worry.. msn u later.. hahahahah :P