Monday, January 12, 2009

Where did my balls go?

Jo, remember when you and your sister forced us to wake up early the next day at Genting, so that we could get into the theme park sharp at 10am so NO TIME IS WASTED and we'll be able to sit all the rides all day long? And we sat on the Flying Coaster and thought it was dumb and a waste of 10 bucks (you were laughing so hard your saliva splattered onto your sis' face next to you and she couldn't wipe it off coz our hands were strapped down). And the Solero Shot, where you and your sis insisted "MUST SIT FACING THE OPEN AREA SO THAT WE CAN FEEL THE FALL BETTER!!!", and she was laughing away when we fell, shouting "I feel like a snowflake!! Up and downnnn, up and downnn! HAHA!!!"

Yeah, those were good times huh, and bloody ages ago.

Last weekend I was at Genting with the boyfriend, and it has been uhh lemme see... around 5 years since I been up on the rides? Yeah about that.

As I was telling Lobak, I realised that as my age increases, my balls shrink. guts decrease.

Before going to the theme park, I went to the toilet to pee for about a thousand 10,000 times.

Before going up the Space Shot (it's no longer called the Solero Shot), I said "Uhhh maybe we should go up the Flying Coaster first... eheheh..."

Before going up the Flying Coaster, I said "Uhhh hey look there's the Corkscrew, maybe we should go up that one first... it looks easier, right? hehh hehh..."

Before going up the Corkscrew, I said "Uhhh maybe we should go up the Cyclone first, you know, coz it's smaller and all... huhu.."

Before going up the Cyclone ("Malaysia's 1st Rollercoaster", it says), which is supposed to be child's play, I was wondering if I should go pee first.

All sorts of nonsense!!! -_-

And right before we were strapped onto the Space Shot, I was thinking "Oh crap. I need to shit!" And it didn't help that it felt like it was going to be the messy type. Stupid curry chicken puff.

I silently hoped that I wouldn't crap in my pants, and hoped that the gravity of the fall will push up the crap back into my system in time.

The boyfriend was laughing at every ride while I was screaming like a headless hyena.

I heard of an old couple who, for their 50th anniversary, went to sit on rollercoasters together.


Aunty, uncle, I really respect you larr... hehe.

[edits were made because Lobak said I'm liar hahahha]


eevon said...


I totally hear ya sista! I remember the first time I tried skiing, it was so much great fun! Ski slopes have ratings, so to speak - Bunny Hill (for learners & kids), Green triangle (for beginners), Blue square (for advance) and Black diamond (for super pros). I was still chickened la, but could get down blue slopes, no problem!

The next time I ski-ed...I stayed on the Bunny Hill and the Green ones. But by the third time, and this was many years from the first time, I just stayed on the Bunny Hill.

Takut jatuh la...

loveangel said...

the Space Shot is super awesome -lah, it feels like your guts and your heart is about to spill out frm your mouth. hahahaha! and im always wondering whether i shud sit it for the 2nd time againn, as you said, guts shrink. =/
cuz the 1st time i sat, i felt like screaming but nothing came out, it's like my mouth opens, but no sound.. =O hahaha.

Woman said...

eevon: tulah.. shrinking balls disorder comes with age.. hehehe

loveangel: hey!! the first time i sat on space shot also i wanted to scream but nothing came out!!! hAHAHAA.. well i think if you go again after the 1st time, you'll be able to scream... hehehe... i scream like a wuss! :P