Thursday, December 18, 2008


Okay, forgive me for being an idiot again, but I didn't know Oscar Wilde was gay. I'm not homophobic yah. I'm just oblivious. hahahaha.

I searched for Oscar Wilde's images on Google. Judging by the pictures, I must really be an idiot for not knowing he's gay.

He has fairly nice hair

He has soft features

He likes to pose

He really likes to pose

He wears a cape. And he's not a dracula.

And lastly....

Right. I'm an idiot alright.


Lynnnnnnn li :) said...

LOLOLOL. Oscar Wilde is so unbelievably flamboyant. I had the Dorian Gray ebook but reading huge amounts of paragraphs of descriptions just takes the fun out of reading especially when you're staring at a screen.
The only reason I knew that Oscar Wilde was ~*~**~fabulously*~**~* gay was because of the movie that came out that Jude Law starred in as Oscar Wilde's lover. OMG, Jude Law! *faints*

Woman said...

lynn: ehh u can tahan reading ebooks ah? i can't stand it... it seems unnatural to me... i think it's just my age showing though HAHA. jude law is an adulterer!! mehh! hehehe

Anonymous said...