Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Best Beef Noodles In Ze Universeeeeeee!!!

Kor, I know you miss this. Sorry for torturing you with this picture :-( We went to the Seremban Market to have it. Gosh it really really REALLY is the best ain't it?? So full in flavour, so full in taste, so full of gravy, nyam  nyam just the way me like it!!

If you're ever down in Seremban (like, gettin it down, yo, numsayin...) and want to have the BEST beef noodles, please don't go to anywhere else but Pasar Besar Seremban! Go upstairs... there are a few beef noodle shops actually, but the one with the yellow signboard (pictured above, in the middle) is the best! I don't know what the chinese words say (probably "We are the best, yo"), but it's beside Gerai Minuman Hon Kee and Kedai Kopi Sum Wah. 

Man I feel so hungry everytime I look at this pic :-(

This is torturing even for me.


pBoon said...

oi.. u say u tapow for me...

Woman said...