Monday, August 04, 2008

Oooh well lookat that!

How cute is this?? Isn't it fun when people want you to have fun :-)

Of course, I had to feature my favourite things; a mongrel doggie (sorta), a retro vw camper van (dream car! ooh), and food! Heh heh!

Didn't know they had something like this until I saw the banner ad on Junkonline. So cool! Must remind myself to check it out tomorrow morning and see how they do it live.

Am so much more intrigued by this coz been into modeling clay lately too :-)

So, whee! Happy discovery of the day.

(And no, boyfriend didn't tell me about this and ask me to sing oodles and noodles of praises for it. HEH!)


aL said...

hey! u've got my one-eyed patch dog. lol.

was trying to get a replica of my pet jack russel. hehe

i like her more with one eye patch =)

Ken said...

where did you see that banner ad again? (ie what url) :)

Proximity said...
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aL said...

you can find it here:

Woman said...

ok guysssssssss... is someone from bbdo/proximity here??? hehehehhehee

anyway "ken", it was at when i saw it i think.. heehehhe

BTW guys, woi why i submit request for things to be modeled, always cant make it past the moderators wan? :-( i very sad and angry. how many times do u guys wanna model a penguin/pingu?? SULK :-(