Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hong Kong?? What are the chances?? :-O

My band Alaling & The Kaya Koks are shortlisted alongside another indie artist in Msia to go to Hong Kong for a gig by Nokia! Gasp. We're ecstatic to be even chosen, whether or not we get it hehehe. We blogged about it and you can read it here.

In other news, my back's skin is totally peeling like nobody's business after returning from our company trip to Phuket. I tried to tan my front so that it can be the same colour as my back, but tak jadi. Never underestimate the powers of sun block, peopleeeeee!


Pictures from the trip up soon.

In the meantime, here are some random pictures from last week.

Something wasn't quite cooked right.

Uh, waiter.. there's a, uh... something in my soup...?

Audi giving a demonstration on how this particular pen is great for writing on human skin.

"See what I mean? Just look, LOOK at the way it wrote on my skin!"

"So the next time I choose to write on my skin, let's see if it will be Kilometrico or this, THIS AMAZING human-skin-writing pen! Oh gee I dunno... *smile slowly spreads across his face*"

"When it comes to human skin writing, it's gotta be a Popular ball pen."

4.35am. Time to sleep! :-)

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