Thursday, May 08, 2008

Come Zouk this Saturday!

Very excited about this gig. We'll be playing alongside Azmyl, Silent Scream, Stonebay, Lurks, and many more. I'm looking forward to Silent Scenery, They Will Kill Us All, Lurks, Brainhead, Stonebay, arrghhh so many bands! *eyes dart around and foams in mouth*

Show starts at 4pm I heard, Alaling & The Kaya Koks will be on at 4.30pm @ The Terrace Bar.

Come if u can!

Admission is free! Yeayyyy!


nutty nat said...

Alaling and the kaya koks ROCKED!! i love your pink/red shoes, ching =D

hoyden said...

sorry i couldn't make it babe.
had to go back to Penang.
mom's ill. :(