Tuesday, April 08, 2008

*Mwahhh mwahhh*

Okay, I'd admit it. I don't get this whole "Oh hello darlinggg *kiss on left side, kiss on right side*" thing. Sometimes I don't know what I'm supposed to be kissing (am I supposed to kiss air? or cheek? or any part of the face? what happens if i kiss the wrong area of the cheek and am mistakenly thought of as a slut? coz we all know women can't be players... men are players, women are "sluts" -_-).

Usually I get kinda grossed out thinking about kissing the other person's cheek, so I just end up kissing air.

But seriously, I don't have a clue what's the doctrine on this whole schenenigan. So I try to be a chameleon and "follow whatever other people do". And by "follow" I really mean if they kiss air, I kiss air, but if they kiss cheek I just bite my lip and pretend "Oh I knew you were gonna kiss my cheek, dahling" and kiss air instead, as if he/she never kissed my cheek.

No way I'm gonna kiss someone's cheek.

It's not like we're French or anything.

But we do French kiss.

So okay, I just lost my argument there.



loveangel said...

hahahahaha XD

Lounge Lizard said...

I'll kiss your air anyday, baby!!!


hoyden said...


try having a family that comes from all over the globe. I once had to kiss about a 100 people in one night. They were Mauritians (lotsa French blood there!). and the older ones, kissed me THREE times okayyy!!!! so that's 100 x 2 cheeks plus the additional cheek kisses.


i hate the cheek kiss thing man.
like gimme a proper hug will yah!

I heard one datin correcting someone the other day and she said "no dahlingg... you go right first then left. yes like this *mwah mwahh*"

urg. I could've pushed the whole crew into the pond.