Monday, April 21, 2008

I can't decide if he's sweet or plain irritating.

So I've been shopping online a lot lately, considering how many gazillion online boutiques there are and how they tend to go to the same suppliers that boutiques in Bangsar use. Heh heh.

Buttt this is not about online shopping (guys, heave a sigh of relief-- for once some woman is not gonna talk about shopping-- sorry boyfriend you're not spared entirely though, tonight we need to talk about those heels I purchased, are they the right colour? You think? Like, omg. heh heh).

I came upon this post on one of the subforums under Usually any posts on the forum has to start off with a [WTB] or [WTS] tag, which means "Want to Buy" or "Want to Sell".

This particular post said "[WTB] Bao Bei's Attention." No need to explain what this guy wants to buy lah kan. hehh.

I can't decide if this guy is sweet or stupid, or both, and if the girl is heaven-sent or wallet-bent.

You go read lah. Read the replies too, coz there's one post where Miss Bao Bei replies, where you'd just go "Hokayyyyyyyyyy....."

Meanwhile, I will go steal some fries. *face lights up* :D


spaceman said...

I think I barfed in my mouth a little...

Woman said...

careful don't swallow! HEHEHh

u're just jealous u didn't come up with this idea.. haahahhahahaah

spaceman said...

yup... veli lomentic...

loveangel said...

eee. i don't c the miss baobei's reply wan...where is it? ahahaha XD
i wanna shop on9 too!! but mum dun let...haizzzz

Woman said...

hehehe.. bao bei's nick is 'wish', and she replied with HER choices of gifts, which she listed out as...

1. the chanel 2.55
(ugly handbag)
2. a balenciaga
(another ugly handbag)
3. a tiffanys
(grandma jewelery)

HAHAHAH im so mean... but yeah she has expensive taste. a lesson for us all! expensive doesn't mean classy. HEHEHEHh

loveangel said...

i knw man...i have this reli rich classmate she has all d reli expensive stuff like chanel, lv, armani, bla bla bla. but's d stuff not nice n usuali r 4 those rich aunties...our age dun suit dat brands just yet.
hahahahaah XD