Saturday, January 26, 2008

Okay I'm getting a wee bit too obsessed with this thing...

Every time they're not by my side, I think about them. When I get back from work, I head straight to playing with them. I wish I had more time to spend with them. This must be what love feels like. Or a man's relationship with his PS3/Xbox. Hahahaha.

Anyway here's what I made with them recently:

Power rainbow!

Lookie, I'm a dj. Wiki-wiki-wiki-wikipedia.

Winter sonata de coco tree

Name card. Haha.


uchong said...

Yo woman.. wassat?

Woman said...

yo yo ma!

its these little plastic beads that u arrange on a pegboard like pixel art and then u melt them with an iron.. hehe

loveangel said...

wao! that is cool. where did u get it frm? haha.

hoyden said...

ooo me likey!
ehh does the last pic say "Geeks Fule" ???