Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Lei ke Lou Mou lah!"*

Jo got me a Lomo! We call it "Lou Mou" which means mother in Canto. We were in the Section 17 6 to 9 Grill Nasi Lemak restaurant during lunch when she passed it to me.

"Me: (so excited) Wowowow! Let's take a pic!!!

Jo: Eh must put film first..

Me: Oh ya! (takes out film from the film container)

Jo: Okay let's see how do we open this... (fiddles with Lomo a bit before it pops open for the film area)

Me: Okay... (looks at film in hand, looks inside the Lomo camera) ... how do we this again? Can't be too hard rite? We used to study photography and had film SLRs, rite? Eheheh... (sweat)

Jo: Uhh.. yea, I guessssss.

(Both of us stare at the inside of the camera)

Jo: I think the film goes into the left side right...

Me: Yeah I think so... ok there it goes... and I think we drag the film to the right hand side rite?

Jo: I guess...

Me: EH! So hard to drag wan. Are you sure ah?? :O

Jo: Pull harder lah.

Me: What if rosak! ERR got manual ah??

Jo: (digs the box for the manual and quickly flips through the standard Lomo manual that is filled with pictures and colours everywhere) Argghh I hate these design-y manuals, so hard to read!

Me: Ya loh! (we both studied design)

Jo: Ok hook the film hole onto the hook thing on the right....

Me: Ahuh... urm... okay... uh... SHIT! STUCK D!!!!

Jo: Just pull lah!

Me: You sure??

Jo: I dunno! This manual doesn't say anything!

Me: Pengsan!! Ok lah just pull... Oh can! Phew.

Jo: Eh the film got unhooked pulak.

Me: Crap now gotta hook it back.

(Both fiddle with the film in the camera)

(After 5 hours...)

Me: Ok! Done! I mean, should be done rite? Oh well. Let's take a pic!!!! (holds camera up and cranes neck towards Jo)

Jo: Uhh... this is old school camera wor... not wide like our digital cameras leh... might not be able to see our faces...

Me: Aiyak! Ya hor... Uhh nevermind!! We can put on the table and take picture! AHA! (proceeds to clear table to stand the camera)

Jo: Uhh.. no tripod wor...

Me: Aiyak! Ya hor... Uhh nevermind!! We just put on the table, and then we bend down a bit lah! AHA!!!

Jo: Uhhh... this camera no timer also...

Me: AIYAK!!! -_-" "

And to think we were photography students.... :p

*crudely translated into Cantonese as "Your mother lah", which is kinda like "Yo' mama" jokes I guess

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