Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Toilet Trilogy (Pt III)

As mentioned before-- access to unisex toilets create opportunities for entertaining epics.

Colleague 1: "You know what I hate? People who knock on the door when you're taking a crap in the toilet. I used to have a friend who would keep knocking non stop on the toilet door when he knows I'll be inside taking a crap. Damn irritating la!"

Me: "Hahahahahha!"

15 minutes later he goes into the toilet.

Me: *knocks continuously on the toilet door* "Oi what you doing, oi oi oi, HALOOOO what you doingggggggggg!!! Muahahahahha!!! *knock knock knock* Alo alo al--...."

Colleague 1: (in an innocent but annoyed voice) "Oiii... I'm wanking lah!"

Me: @_@ .... "HAHAHHAHHAHA idiot."

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