Monday, June 04, 2007

Fuse Good

So corny rite, that line? But funny also hehahah. One of our composers said that to me today. Also, today I met Reshmonu in the office, and no his hair wasn't in braids. (If any of my current colleagues are reading this, they'll be like "Ala no big deal, kitorang slalu jumpe Reshhhh cyeh cyeh cyeh!")

Oh like that la, actionnnn.

Hahahhaha. Bodonye aku cakap sorang diri. Dudududu


NohNes said...

Fuyoh! I bet you were superduper starstruck too! Dun bluff.

Did he have an afro without his cornrolls?

Woman said...

hahahahha no lah, u know me, always calm as a clam in an ocean of zen. aummmmmmmmm~~~~

no la his hair straight wan wor... hehe

The Geek said...

memang bodoh pun

lingy said...


eh woman, please update