Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nothing like popping a cold cherry tomato in your mouth on a hot afternoon

And this is where the tomatoes came from:

"He: You know, I can never understand people who eat tomatoes like apples, like biting off the whole tomato, that's just weird---

Me: Heyyyyy, I like eating tomatoes like apples!!! *gets all excited and beady eyed*

He: Oh.

Me: OHHH let's buy some tomatoes!!!! MMmMm TOMATOESSSS!!! *drags him to fresh tomatoes aisle in supermarket*

He: -_-" "

1 comment:

lingy said...

he, is like uchong and me, is like me. If the he is who I think is he and me is you la.


although that doesn't really matter.