Sunday, May 27, 2007

The cat likes Bjork

"I'm walking, tra la la...."

"EH? Did you say Bjork?"

You know what? It's bloody boring being jobless. The only bits I suppose I can like about being jobless is being able to download music, watch TV (even that has gotten boring), and the occasional laundry chore (man, gotta wear more clothes so got more laundry to do, yay).

A week being jobless has done nothing but made me feel fat and fatter. As stupid as it sounds, I can't wait to start on my next job.

Anyhoot. Listening to Maroon 5's new album now. It's more popish and dancish, a pretty fun album. Best thing I like about it is that it has "Nothing Lasts Forever", the full song from which the hook Kanye used in "Heard Em' Say". Me like! Hoogah hoogah.

Bjork's cd is pretty cool too. Love the tracks by Timbaland. Oh. Meowie damn layan the Bjork tracks kay. Eccentric kitty, eh?

Timbaland's album so-so la. Then again I only had 1 listen... wasn't really wow-ed that time. (Meowie tak layan also)

Bought a Couple tshirt and their CD that day at the gig. HURRAH!

(What a boring post. Okay. Off to Cyberjaya for lunch!)


Fergus said...

eh discolah, the new maroon five. eeeks...

Woman said...

disco = dancish lah. bes wei. i love it when bands evolve. evolution might take a bit of getting used to, but it's fun!

loveangel said...

just wana drop by and say hi!
ohman, i so wanna listen to those new albums right now, like hmm, hmm, maroon 5, avril lavigne, good charlotte, hmm, lily allen, omgwad, so many *faints* and i have no time to download...*sobs sobs*
semester exam coming up in two weeks, wish me luck! XD