Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So yeah, the story I promised.

The Kanye press con. There was this Singaporean journalist (I won't say which mag she's from) who kept hogging the mic. She asked one question after another, 
without letting go of the mic. Other journalists were raising their hands to ask questions, but even before the emcee could say anything, this Singaporean journalist would butt in with her questions to Kanye. Plus she was holding the mic anyway. Haiyoh.

Anyway this is what happened in the middle of her 34,928 
questions to Kanye:
"Miss Journalist: Before they rush you off, I would like to ask--

Kanye: Wait wait wait, hold up a sec there. Before they rush me off? You're saying that as if that's the last question for the day. I'm afraid they'll rush YOU off first!

Crowd: Hahahahaha!  *kuang kuang kuangggg*

Miss Journalist: OH I'm just afraid they'll take the mic away from me...

Kanye: Yeah and your question is...?"


*Note: That's a paraphrased version. I'm too lazy to listen to the audio recording and type down word for word.


navin said...

am surprised that the singaporean didnt come in with her own mic in hand.

loveangel said...

ahahah, then what did you ask him??? XD

Spaceship said...

hey where can I listen to the audio?

Woman said...

navin: u're right, man, maybe she wasn't really born in spore after all... hehehe

loveangel: i asked him if he thinks im hot. he laughed. hahahahha! no la.. can't tell until it goes to the mag... :-)

spaceship: i recorded the whole press con, but im afraid i cant give it out since i was there on a magazine assignment... sorry :-S

cyber-red said...

yeahloh, i blogged the same thing. some more in that whiny voice of hers.


loveangel said...

ooh...wat magazine is dat btw?? XD

Woman said...

its Junk! :D