Thursday, March 15, 2007

Type or Die!!!!

I was just thinking of Typing Of The Dead today.

Not for the weak-fingered.

It's a stupid the best geek vs zombie game. Imagine this. Your town is invaded by flesh-eating zombies, and you and your friends are the only people who can destroy these zombies and save the Earth! So what do you do?? You strap your trusty Logitech keyboard around your neck, and run out from our office (you're still dressed in your office clothes), and together, with your lightning keystrokes combined, you and your officemates will race against time to SAVE THE WORLD!

"Wow we like your style."

So you're running through the street. Suddenly in the back alley, you see a shifty figure coming towards you. It's a zombie!!! Holy guacamole! Your hands sweat and your heart races. The zombie moves closer to you and groans a horrible sound you never thought was possible (assuming you've never heard Hannah T sing). You can see the zombie's face now. The word "APPLE" appears beside the zombie's head. TYPE IT, TYPE IT!!!! Your shaky fingers spell out A-P-P-L-E on the keyboard, and BAM! the zombie falls back as if you shot it with a sniper. But the zombie regains its strength and groans again, coming at you with greater speed!!

"POLAR" appears beside the zombie's abdomen.

"P-O-L-A-R!" you mumble as your fingers reach for the keys. BAM! The zombie stumbles. But it's still alive!!


M-O-N-E-Y!!!!!!! storm your fingers furiously (without the exclamation marks of course). BAM!


C-I-T-R-U-S!!!!!!!!! BAM BAM!!

The zombie's head is blown off in a bloody mess (wow you're good). That should keep him out of the way.

For now.

Jughead's brother.

And that's just Level One, my friend. Ohohoho, you're laughing, aye? We'll see who's laughing when you get to Level Three, where the zombies come in larger numbers, and you will get "KALEIDOSCOPE" or "XYLOPHONE" or "REMINISCENCE"!!!

And what about Level Five, you will get full sentences like these????

One of the Bosses.

And let's see if you're good enough for BONUS LEVEL:

Ermm... nostril oil??

Yeah, buster. Go onnnn laughing. We'll see who's laughing last.

*tightens keyboard shoulder straps with one swift move*


fou said...

i like the idea of playing that game! but those zombie images...scarry lah. i'll turn the audio off.

Woman said...

butbutbut... you'll be missing out on all the fun!! hehhehehe

i wanna look for that game and play again. :D

hoyden said...

when you said you were a geek in school.... i guess you weren't kidding huh....


ling said...

*tightens keyboard shoulder straps with one swift move*

and falls down.

Woman said...


gee thanks a lot, ling, you just ruined my macho image. :-(

Mike said...

Believe it or not, almost everyone in my varsity house used to play this. It was all the rage, for erm, about, a few months. Came in handy when we had to type our thesis, during the wee hours of tha morning. Oh memories.

Woman said...

mike, we should form a club!!! oh i sooo wanna download it and have a go! hehhehehee

Jo said...

Hey. I still have the game leh. (it was mine remember? my typing was too slow, so I made you play it instead)