Friday, March 09, 2007

Battle of the Babes (BOBAS) - Round 1

boring lah
entertain me quick

Chingz: me damn bored too
k k
pop quiz
hannah tan or stephanie chai

adrian: who the heck is stephanie chai?

Chingz: -_-

adrian: in any case
stephanie chai
anyone but hannah
she's like the pamela anderson of msian entertainment now

Chingz: HAHAHA
stephanie chai or sarah tan

adrian: sarah definitely

Chingz: ok

Chingz: sarah tan or denise

adrian: sarah also

Chingz: sarah tan or amber chia

adrian: sarah also

Chingz: sarah tan or big bird

adrian: errrr
man this is a tough one

Chingz: HAHAHHA!


adspace said...

sarah wearing nothing but big bird feathers. mmmrrrroooarrr cluck cluck cluck tweeet tweet.

Woman said...

i think it will look like she murdered big bird and ate him and decorated herself in her victim's feathers. cluck cluck indeeeeeeed.