Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tokkok Candy

Me: Hey here's a kok kok sweet for you!

Huiling: Huh??

Me: Neh... remember last time... got this old man... he comes around in a bicycle... then the children will call him... then he will stop his bike and get down and kok kok the sweet with a hammer? Kok kok sweet lor!

Huiling: Ohhhh tok tok sweet!

Me: What tok tok? It's kok kok lah!

Huiling: Tok tok!!!

Me: Tok kok lah you, it's kok kok!

Huiling: Wahahahhaa tok kok sweets!! Tok kok sweets!! Wahahahahhahaa!

Me: -_-"

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lingy said...

tok kok.