Monday, January 01, 2007

I like old stuff.

I have a thing for retro things. He says retro only means old, but retro to me is colour, bangs, flowers, ridiculously large and round sunnies and loop earrings, happy prints, wood, old school ovens, vintage radios, music pumped by tambourines, and That 70's Show. Hehe. I would LOVE to be in that era.

Modern architechtures, slick new vehicles, urban utilitarian fashion, etc... they are all nice and all, but they don't do nothing for me. Old stuff have character, a story, and they've seen more. Oh man I sound like a granny.

ANYHOOOOOTS... some retro sightings in Malacca hehe:

"You always like old stuff..."

"Ya lah, old stuff like you lor... heh heh."

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