Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Here's how you can help the recent flood victims

Jack just pointed out that the proceeds of this concert thingy will be going to the flood victims. Which is a really, really good cause. Considering how expensive the tickets are. Hahaha. Ok la it's not that expensive but I guess I'm just not used to paying for Christian events? (Jack, you said I could say whatever I want right?? *gulp*)

But I'm not really a big fan of Altered Frequency or SonicFlood anyway... so... if you are, you should check it out. :-)


lingy said...

altered frequency playin?!?!?!
arghhh..wanna go

Woman said...

eh u fan ahh?? i didn't know hehehe. yea go la... still can get tics. plus its for a good cause neways... :-)