Monday, December 18, 2006

Rock The World 7 (I mean, what else would you want me to name the title of this post?? hehehe)


Lied played an awesome set. The crowd were fighting for the CDs the band threw out (Kim, Heydeeeee (Adlin said he doesn't know how to spell her name but it's pronounced like that) and I were just screaming and ducking away from the CDs coz nanti kena eye mati straight), and even for the band's set list! Hahaha. So cool. Didn't get to watch as many of the bands as I wanted to, but those that we caught were good. Tempered Mental, Throne Away, Broken Scar and Electrico were grrreat!

Throne Away.

Kids do not try this at home (because you don't really have that scaffolding thing at home, do you??)

It was my first time at RTW. You were right, Adrian. Tons of kids dressed in black, ya? What's with that. We had to drive through a sea of people to get to the parking lot. It felt like the scene from War Of The Worlds when everyone was crowding madly around the lone car. Thank goodness I'm not that claustrauphobic. Heheh.

Electrico. The crowd got really huge by nighttime.

I've never been to the stadium before this. Yeah, jakun, I know. Heheh. We girls had Guest passes so we got to hang out at the waiting room with the stars (chewahhhh). It was this huge air-conditioned tent with dim Ikea lights and plasma screens and free drinks and yummy food, so yay! I didn't take pictures coz I didn't wanna appear jakun, so I put on my best "Ah-I've-done-this-a-million-times, foo" nonchalant face and sipped on my orange juice and chewed on the sausage roll. Hahaha! Yeah, poyo, I know. Heheh.

Most eye-popping sight in the VIP room? Woman with big popping out boobs and 3 kids in tow. I know, I know. Should've taken a picture, right???

Now you won't believe me.


Anonymous said...

omg i also didn't take pictures in the tent to control nonchalant like ive done this gazillion times but actually damn excited

doh we didn't take pictures of the girlfriend squad did we?


Woman said...

AGAAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA oklah im not the only one, phew! HEHEHEHEH