Monday, November 27, 2006

Nothing like chatter about balls to begin a Monday.

I bought two rubber balls for Bunju and Tomo the other day
when we were at the pet shop. One was big and the other small.
Cyn said, "Wow that's a HUGE ball."
And I laughed and said, "Yeah for Bunju and Tomo",
and she said again "But it's HUGE."
And I said, "Yeah, so?!??! WANT A PIECE OF ME??"

Okay I didn't quite say that... :p
(but actually yeah it was kinda big and quite heavy too)

Anyway I went back to Seremban, and since Tomo was
"free", I bounced both balls in front of her (okay
this is beginning to sound dodgy), and when the ball
rolled away, she ran after it and tried to pick it up
with her mouth, only to realise that the ball was too big.

So she walked away.

I shrugged and figured Bunju would be a better sport.

So I bounced the big ball in front of Bunju. She jumped
up and was gonna catch it with her mouth, when the ball
FELL ON HER HEAD, we heard a thud!,
and she let out a big "YELP!"

And she ran away.

Ooers. ~_~

Thank goodness Jigz is a big labrador, so the big ball
was donated to the Fun With Jigz Fund (FuWiJiFu).

Bunju and Tomo will just have to share the smaller ball. :-)


Anonymous said...

why are you training them to bite balls?

Woman said...

come over sometime and ill show you why :D

nalini said...

whoa tomo's tongue looks like it's swollen or smth. or is it just perspective.

u got urself a lab?

Woman said...

nah u know how dogs play a lot and they pant and pant and their tongues get longer and longer? hahahaha.

nupe lab is senkiat's. her pic is in this blog somewhere too..