Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hubba hubba hubba!

Hubba FAQ

Q: Who is Hubba?
A: Hubba is a shi tzu mix (we're guessing pug) lil fella that Cyn and Cathy picked up from some mamak place on a cold and rainy evening. He has only one eye. Yes he's macho like that.

Q: Why the name Hubba?
A: To quote Cyn, "He's a humping bast...(ket)!" Hehe.

Q: Is Hubba male or female?
A: Male.

Q: What was Hubba doing in the last picture?
A: He didn't wanna go back into the house after the walk. Awwww... :p

Q: This is such a boring FAQ.
A: That's not even a valid question.

Q: But it's a fact. Ask anyone. (A fact. A FAQ. Geddit? Geddit?? hehehe!)
A: Shut up.

Q: Like, seriously...

Q: Oops... err.. sorry. Forgot there are people reading this.
A: Sigh. It's okay. I forgive you.

Q: I love you too.
A: I did not say I love yo-- OH SHUT UP!!


navin said...

There will be 2 comments for this post.

1. cute! Buy him an eye patch la...

2. need help...the professional kind....

ling said...

navin....totally agree with you on the second comment.

I like hubba's second picture. Looks like he is grinning lots.

Woman said...

navin, unless i get a big fat STIP, i aint gonna be affording professional help any time soon. hehehehehe

lingy, come see hubbaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

ling said...

and be hubba-ed?

nalono said...

Ching! ur new site eh!
why so galactic galore wan?

anyway, Hubba's really kewttttttt!

i can already picture Cyn with her arms wide open, "Hubba hubba, come to momma!"

ps: can let ur comment open in a popup? liddat mafan leh.

Woman said...

nalonoooo! :D

alrighty, will move comments to pop up window :-)

wish u could come meet hubba! and yes, like ling said, get hubba-ed! heh heh heh