Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Giant-sized animal mascots scare the bejeepers outta me.

I have a fear of life-sized animal mascots. I really do. I mean, I know there is a man inside there, and he is just an ordinary human being like me. But I'm seriously scared. I don't like them giant animals, no matter what huggable material they are made of. I don't like. Not the A&W Bear, not the WWF Panda, not the McDonald's Hamburglar, especially NOT the Nando's Black Chicken, which reminds me, who the heck has a BLACK CHICKEN as their restaurant mascot anyway??!! *shudder*

I especially hate it when they open their arms wide and come towards you, like the WWF Panda that day. OH.MY.GOSH. @_@ I hate you panda, I hate you I hate you! :(

*sob sob*

(but you did look quite cute on stage when Maya Karin, Stephanie Chai, Joanna Basey, Reshmonu and Susan Lankaster were talking. Look at you, just look at you. So blurrrrr. It's like you're on weed or something. Ha ha!)

Okay that's enough. Stay. Away. From. ME. @_@

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