Thursday, November 02, 2006

The cloud has lifted...

The dark cloud whose name we shall not speak--
(but just so you know, her name is PMS)
--has lifted herself off, and she's left behind what reeks
of danger, death (or life, however you see it), and a constant mess.


In other news, I gots me a new looking room!
Thanks Cyn for teaching me how to drill holes in walls
("put straight straight, push little bit first, then use strength and
push in, then round and round, then in and out, round and round,
in and out"... Art of Drilling wei...), she's a real pro at it... now on to
drilling human male body parts! *revs drill, grin grin* :D

Room looks so lovely, I woke up feeling like Saturday
and smiled to meself, only to be reminded that it's not even Friday.

Beh. What a suck.

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