Thursday, November 30, 2006

Am not a cockroach lover.

"So I whacked the cockroach with the KLue magazine!"

"So you killed it?"

"Yeah la. I'm terrified of cockroaches la! Eee."

"But I thought you're an animal lover sort of person..."

"A COCKROACH ISN'T AN ANIMAL!! It's a.. uhh.. scary critter!!"


"So then part of his legs and antennas were whacked off. And he was just laying there shaking like "Ubley-ubley... ubley-ubley..""


"And then I took some tissue and picked up the cockroach. I said, "I'm totally sorry!" to it and threw it inside the toilet bowl and--"

"Wait a minute. You said sorry to the cockroach?"

"Err.. yea.."

"SEE?? You have FEELINGS for the cockroach!"

"Wha--??? I do NOT have feelings for the cockroach!! Ewwweiorwuorwhfajkhabluergh!"

"Heh heh heh."


lobak said...

You hypocritical yuppie! you killed a cockroach(an animal to me) with a Klue magazine!

Woman said...

oops... damn u read my blog!!! :-S