Friday, October 06, 2006

A Picture I Like (Pt 1)

Today's A Picture I Like features my rakan karib Adlin Babi Hutan Rekreasi Taman Wengau. I like this picture because it's a side profile of him (he doesn't look as good frontways). Hehe. I like this picture because we're so good at posing that you'd think that this was a candid pic. Right? RIGHT??? HEHEHEHEH. (ok pls, it's Friday, let me syiok sendiri a bit can?)

Adlin's bday is coming up. Hope you'll have a blast. If you have any special requests, Adlin, make sure it's under a hundred bucks coz you know lah I'm broke from shopping. Hehehehheh. KIDDING. Ok maybe not. Ladeedahhhhh.


adspace said...

i wonder why the pic is in b&w. it wouldn't have anything to do with someone being all bright, red and radiant now would it? martell man. tastes horrible!!! YUCK!

Woman said...

beats me. i tranferred the photo and tibe2 it's b&w. weird.

yea yea yea you're the only one who's licked a man's ass.

adspace said...

i didn't enjoy the experience. that's for sure.

Woman said...


(as opposed to teasing you gay, geddit? geddit?? ok lame hehe)