Sunday, October 22, 2006

Life's Lessons As Told By Ching #58: Waiting for your laundry when you're terribly sleepy is no fun at all.

Bro bought magazines-- Stuff and FHM. I was like YAY and had my big-haired head buried in Stuff before and after lunch, going through every page. Gadget and mens' magazines are fun, because the writers have a good (and often twisted) sense of humour. Women mags are boring shit. Okay okay, with the exception of Glamour, which, when I last read it (probably a year back), was quite fun.

From a woman's point of view, you see a lot of things in gadget and men magazines that you don't see in your yearly subscription of Female or Marie Claire or Cleo or Her World (which came with a free gift of a branded hairdryer for your annual subscription, yawn). Like I once read in FHM about this human tug-o-war in Korea or taiwan or someplace with yellow-skinned people, where a guy's arm was literally TUGGED out of his shoulder sockets, and they had the picture of an armless guy on a stretcher and his friend was carrying his arm and smiling at the camera. Sick but pretty ha-ha as well right? Toldja they have a wicked sense of humour. HEHE.

And I was just looking at geek watches on Stuff. Seriously, I am so not geek because although those watches look cool to me, I can't for the life of me tell the time on one of those babies. But they're cool to look at. Heh heh. And oh, with an annual subscription of Stuff, you get a good looking set of white portable speakers. Sweeeet.

Given the choice of FHM and Cleo, I'd smack your head hard and say you've bloody lost your mind for insulting me.

Laundry's done. Yay!

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