Thursday, October 05, 2006

Haze is back. Urh.

It's damn hazy here in Cyberjaya.

Which reminds me of the time when it was worse.
I think most probably more than a year back.
(11 Aug 2005, I just checked. Hehe)

I'd walk out of my apartment unit, get on the lift
and go downstairs to get bread from the kedai runcit,
and when I got back to the apartment
I'd smell like I just came out of a bloody incinerator.

Here's a pic of idiots playing basketball in the haze.
Gila siow.

(eh can't upload pic now. wth.)

(oh can d. yay.)

Impian Heights, Puchong Jaya

Btw this pic was taken at 12pm.
Plus no colour correction whatsoever.

1 comment:

ling said...

hoo la las!
this is the gila siows haze.

damn hotspots!