Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Goodness me!

Omygosh. Didn't think I'd see this sonovagun ever again! HAHA! Look at that pansy pose. Gawsh. It makes pansies look bad.

I was quite a huge Take That fan. I would save up my pocket money to buy Smash Hits (coz sureee got at least one page with Take That pics), I wrote in my little diary about Mark Owen (and locked it up and hid the key afterwards), I bought their concert videos, I had their posters in my cupboard and walls, and of course I had all their albums so I listened to them grow from boys ("All I do each night is pray, hoping that I'll be a part of you again someday") to men ("Neverrrr forget where you're coming from, Neverrr pretend that it's all real, Someeeeday soon this will all be someone else's dream").

Wahliao I still remember the lyrics. @_@

I thought Mark Owen's solo debut was quite nice. I can't remember exactly what it sounded like, but it had a different feel from his Take That times. Probably a lil more indie, a lil bit rock, a lil less pop and a bit more warmth. But his voice a bit twangiowww lah. Yes I said twangiowww. Don't ask me to explain what is twangiow. Twangiowww is twangiowww lah. You'd just have to say it out loud to get what I mean. :-)

But yeah. I haven't seen that cover in AGES. I gave my CDs and cassettes away when I was 16 because I believed that secular music was evil. Serious.

Moral of the story? Mark Owen makes pansies look bad. But hey, it was nice seeing you again, cutie. Tee hee.



adspace said...

take that? ambik kau!

Anonymous said...

you crack me up!
Mark Owen?
for REAL??

I had a thing for Howie D.
yes. the weird looking gay dude.
it only lasted till i was 14 tho. :p
Rock ruled out in the end, and then my bro started callin me the stupid head banger just cause i wouldn't listen to his rap crap.

Woman said...

HEYYYYY don't laugh at my Markie!!! *sulk*


Yeah I remember Howie. HEHEH. Damn he looked sooooo gay in one of their stage costumes... fishnet shirt and leopard print tight shorts. ARGH ME EYES, ME EYES!!!!!

Ling said...

I LOVE take that too!!

I used to like robbie then (still do) but mark's debut, nice?

I think not leh. With that song, he make pansies die! Wahahaha.

anyways, i bought the cassette too. After listening to it, i wish i didn't. Haiseh.

Woman said...


dammit ling. i guess im just a sucker for pansies. SIGH!