Monday, September 25, 2006

You know you should've bugged your mom to send you to a Chinese school when...

... you're twenty-three
and your neighbour sprays water
and shoots plastic bullets at your dog
when he thinks nobody is looking
and he says "Oh I'm just testing my new toy"
and he speaks Chinese and you can't,
so you end up blogging about it
instead of ripping his pathetic head off
with angry Chinese swear words.

And a real gun.



Anonymous said...

i think u shud like get your own water gun too and load it with pepper and chili based fluids and hide out in the bushes so when the brat walks out u can just ambush him and then laugh out loud and say "owh i was just testing my gun. apparently, it works!!!" =D

Woman said...

the brat is a middle aged uncle with a beer belly. pork says i should just run him over with car and say "testing car"

: )