Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is ye daft, mate??

Life without MSN in the office is downright sad.

So I hopped off to Adrian's cubicle yesterday to pinjam some CDs. That fella has so many CDs from the music reviews he does, grrr.

Adrian: What you want? I got lots lah. (waves hand nonchalantly at large CD collection hidden behind the apple green walls of his cubicle)

Me: (mata rambang) Wah... err.. what do you have?

A: Let's see.... (proceeds to empty a plastic bag of MORE CDs. I want to be his best friend already.)

M: ............. (picks up CD after CD)... The Fray nice ah?

A: Yelch.

M: Snow Patrol?

A: Yurks.

M: Yeah Yeah Yeah's nice?

A: Not bad. Better than the last.

M: Oo Daft Punk!

A: Eurgh. Blwergh.

M: Who the heck is The Flaming Lips?

A: Ah that one you must take. Take it. For your education*. (shoves it onto my CD stack) Oh and please take this one. PLEASE. Take it and keep it forever. (hands me a CD)

M: (looks at the CD) Dashboard Confessional? Eeee.. so skinny!

A: Take it away please. PLEASE.

M: Er okay. Wei so many CDs already! Enough enough!

Anyhoots. Been listening to the Daft Punk CD (Musique Vol 1 1993-2005). Alright most of the songs sound the same to me. But quite bop-worthy! Tee hee.

*Adrian is trying to educate my musical tastes. It means saying a firm "NO!" to Paris Hilton, Teriyakki Boyz, and Fergie. Dammit what a party pooper.


The Geek said...

excuse me, no keepy dashboard okay? I am a closet fan. a boy's gotta cry once in awhile

Woman said...

i thought u said can keep and throw away and burn also u dunt care! oh wait was that Bo Bice?? :P

The Geek said...

it was definitely bo bice and maybe daft punk and certainly The Fray

Woman said...

yay! ok The Fray's dude's voice is a bit of an.. erm.. acquired taste kinda thing. takes a bit of getting used to. like adam levine. or shelley leong. ahahahahahah.

The Geek said...

hmmm shelley leong. banyak vibrato

adspace said...

i like the fray

i can sing fray songs very well