Friday, September 29, 2006

Here's proving I know nuts about cars...

Below is a dramatisation of a conversation
that took place between Senkiat, a freaking
car enthusiast, and me, a girl-who-once-dated-
another-freaking-car-enthusiast-but-still-can't-tell- :-S

(while walking towards his car)

Me: Nice car. What car issit?

Senkiat: (stops dead in his tracks, stares at me with unbelieving eyes)

Me: Urm.. what?

Senkiat: (turns to Adlin) Adlin, she just asked me what car is my car.

Me: (sweat) Errr... I.....

Adlin: He he he...

Me: (walks to the back of the car, sees the logo on the car)
OH! It's a BMW... I knew that. Yeah. Urm... ha ha.

(wishing I was dead)

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